Saving energy (English)

A lot has happened in the world in the past year. Natural gas has suddenly become very expensive, and it doesn't look like that will change any time soon. Millions of people are facing much higher energy bills. That's why saving energy is more important than ever. Lefier will help you with this. On this page you will find advice, tips and ways to use less gas and electricity.

How can we help you? 

Keep an eye on this page, because we offer all kinds of help. For example, we are distributing packages with energy-saving items such as draught strips for doors. In addition, we will be installing solar panels on even more homes and we are working harder than ever to make necessary sustainability upgrades to increase energy efficiency in houses with a poor energy label. 

Do you have a good idea for saving energy yourself? If so, let us know.

What does Lefier do for you?

Ideally, we would immediately make sustainability upgrades on all homes that are poorly insulated. Unfortunately, that is impossible. We’ll need a few more years to insulate them all. So your home will also be affected. Do you have to wait a little longer? Then we will help you with tips and items to save energy.

When will it be my turn?

We are trying to address the houses with the lowest energy labels first because homes with poor insulation have the highest energy bills. We plan the work well in advance. Only then can we ensure that all Lefier houses will have an energy label D or higher within a few years. 

Energy saving items

With a few simple items, you can save energy quickly. Draught tape prevents cold air from entering your home through doors and cracks. And with a letterbox brush, you make sure cold air doesn't pass through the letterbox. LED bulbs consume much less power than old-fashioned bulbs. In short, with items like this, you can easily save several tens of euro’s per year, perhaps even more. 
We are distributing packages with such items to residents of poorly insulated homes, one neighbourhood at a time. When it is the turn of your street, we will send you a letter. In it, you will find out how to get energy-saving items for free. 

Choices to be made

Ideally we would help all tenants immediately to create an energy-efficient home. But right now, it's hard to buy enough equipment. For example, we cannot acquire as many solar panels as we would like. There are also too few skilled workers to do the job. 

Therefore, we ask your understanding for the long wait. After all, we have to choose. We try to address the houses with the poorest insulation first and we distribute energy displays to tenants who will benefit most from them. You want to know when it's your turn? We try our best to tell you, but in some cases we don't know exactly yet either.